The Team
The Leadership Team of Dundonald Elim
Pastor Steven Neill

Pastor Steven joined Dundonald Elim as senior Pastor on Sunday 22nd June with his induction service having taken place on Friday 20th...

Pastor Chris Russon
Chris was born in the North of England on 16th January 1972 to David and Madeline Russon. They instilled into him a sense of the purpose and calling of God.
Craig Brotherston
Born on 20th March 1986 in the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, it is quite ironic that Craig has ended up working just about one minute away at Dundonald Elim Church. 
Campbell Tweedie
Campbell is one of the founders of the Dundonald Elim Church and has been an elder for many years. He became a Christian at a youth camp when he was 14 years old and started attending the Beersbridge Road Elim Church. He is married to Eleanor and they have two adult children and three grandchildren.
Alan McHaffie
Alan grew up in Dundonald Elim Church and has served in a number of different areas of the ministry of the Church. He is currently serving as the Captain of BB as well as being an elder. He is married to Diane and they have two daughters.
Mark Johnston
Mark has been part of the church for 26 years and has served in various ways. He was appointed to the Eldership in November 2012. He is married to Margaret and they have two children.